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  • Cosmic objects   →

    The boundless cosmos has been a hot topic of cosmic objects hobbyists, relevant knowledge in order to understand the celestial bodies and the universe, astronomers and experts in various fields of continuous long-term exploration, has made arduous efforts to this fruit. Cosmic Objects Network was set up on October 1, 2007, was established as the Honorary President of the Cosmic Objects Network and as Honorary Chairman of the Cosmic Object Research Association hired internationally renowned astronomic / medical expert Dr. Ge Lu by the Smart Business Services Group, SBS, and well-known publications << HOW2USA>> magazine .

  • Prof. Ge Lu, L.Ac., Ph.D   →

    1962, admitted to the Clinic Faculty of Lanzhou Medical College learning in China.

    Graduated in 1967, participated surgical and Gynecologists in Sandong Hospital of Jiuquan City, Gansu Province, China; studied the traditional Chinese medicine at the “Class of Western Doctors Studying Traditional Chinese Medicine” from 1973 to 1975. Then he was appointed the Chief of Sandong Hospital. There he cured countless patients used of acupuncture, pulse palpation, massage, acupressure, herbal medicine, and the methods of combining traditional Chinese and western Medicines. He was quite well-known in that location. At that time, the family planning policy was intensely implemented, Dr. Lu took on the researching of bearing boys or girls as a task, collected data, prepared the equipment, obtained a set of methods for guiding the bearing a boy or girl for more than 350 couples with the child bearing age, a success rate of 83%.

    1979, admitted to the postgraduate of Tongji Medical University (in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China) to study human histology and embryology; graduated in 1982 and received his Master Degree, with the Lanzhou Medical College to teach.

    1986 to 1987 went to the E.Herriot Hospital of the University of Lyon, France as an exchange scholar exchange and research, and obtained the title of the foreign Assistant Professor. After returning Lanzhou Medical College, he served as associate professor, professor, graduate instructors. Be incorporated into the "China expert names dictionary”. He has published more than 30 papers and 4 books.

    1995, published the article "The Cosmos is Infinite and Circulation" in fifth "The Journal of UFO Research"

    1999, to enter the Oriental medical philosophy doctoral class of American Liberty University for learning.

    2002, received his Ph.D. ,the thesis was the " Infinite and Circular Cosmic Model, and human past, present and future --- Oriental philosophy and science combined analysis of the whole universe and human".

    2006, the article "The Cosmos and Human Life" won the Outstanding Paper Award by “the United States (California) Second International Symposium on Traditional Chinese Medicine" .

    2007, Accepted the well-known American publication in << How2USA >> Magazine interview, and as the front cover, published in the December 2007 journal << How2USA >> magazine. October 2007, served as the Honorary President of the Cosmic Objects Network and Honorary Life President of " Cosmic Celestial Research Association ".