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Homosexuality can be traced back to ancient time. Different times and countries have different attitudes toward it.

The Bible depicts in Chapter 19, Genesis that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah to punish the sinfulness of the people among which the prevalence of homosexuality was the most conspicuous. This might be the earliest and the most authentic record of homosexuality and approach to it.

In China, there is the idiom, “cutting sleeve and sharing peach” which depicts the gay love between Emperor Ai in Han Dynasty and his male lover, Xian Dong, and between the ruler of Wei in the Spring and Autumn Period and his male lover Zixia Mi. At that time, even the emperors and rulers behaved in this way and it indicated that gay lovers were tolerated then.

In the first half of the 20th century, the German fascists claimed that homosexuality was against the natural law and under the disguise of purifying the mankind, they executed a policy of exterminating homosexuals physically. The execution was too cruel to be mentioned again and its consequence ran counter to the claimed intention.

In the beginning of the 21st century, in the advanced and open U.S., several murders of homosexuals were reported and the society, religions and political circles had various responses to it. It gave rise to much uproar and even legal amendment of the constitution was suggested to define marriage as between a man and a woman. The world is also widely divided on it.

The author holds that if the society wants to have a right attitude toward homosexuality, it is of the first importance to find out the root cause of it. In recent years researches have indicated that biological factors may affect heterosexuality, homosexuality or bisexuality, involving genes, hormone level during pregnancy and brain structure. What is certain is that no single factor determines sexual orientation. Genetic analysis has started, but it is still at the early stage. However, there are already some research reports that show the correlation between genes and homosexuality to some extent. However, specific relations have not yet been completely defined. Underneath are some of the examples of the researches in this respect.

Dr. S.Le Vay said in a report (1991) that homosexuals and heterosexuals are different in brain structures. He had anatomized 19 male homosexuals’ brains who died of AIDS and found that homosexuals’ INAH-3 in hypothalamus of the brain is generally smaller in size than 16 heterosexuals’ but the same as 6 anatomized females’ INAH-3. So he deduced that the same size of homosexuals’ INAH-3 as females’ accounts for homosexuals’ sex orientation.(1) But there is also the argument that the size of INAH-3 may be affected by AIDS on the brain.

J.M. Bailey & R.C. Pillard investigated 161 male homosexuals and heterosexuals who had brothers and found that 52% of monozygotic twin brothers are homosexuals, while only 9% of non-twin brothers are homosexuals. (2) But there is also the argument that it may be affected by the environment.

D.H. Hammer & others published two theoretic reports (1991) on genetic factors which disclose that homosexuality is inherited from their maternal family’s X chromosome. Out of the 40 pairs of twin homosexual brothers, 32 ones have the same Xq28 (with hundreds of gene markers in it) inherited from their maternal families. The possibility of homosexuals in maternal relatives is greater than in paternal relatives. So it is deduced that the homosexual gene may exist in X chromosome of the maternal families. (3) But some scholars stated that they failed to replicate the study.

B.S. Mustanski and others, in the year of 2005, did a genomewide scan of the formerly reported male homosexuals and their families instead of scanning only one X chromosome and at the same time added new items. They discovered the linkage to Xq28 was much weaker than formerly reported. But they found meaningful markers of 8p12, 7q36 and 10q26. The latter two (7q36 and 10q26) mean approximately the same to maternal and paternal sides. (4)

S. Bocklandt and others reported (2006) that their laboratory embryology research suggests linkage between the mothers’ genetic make-up and their gay sons’. Women have two X chromosomes, one of which is “switched off”. The inactivation of chromosomes occurs randomly throughout embryonic development, resulting in forming mosaic with active chromosomes in cells. In some cases, the switched-off chromosome may be in non-random fashion. The researchers pointed out that in mothers having gay sons, the number of X chromosomes with inactive extreme skewing is significantly higher than those in mothers without gay sons. One gay son’s mother records 13% and two gay sons’ mothers record 23%, while mothers without gay sons record 4% only. (5)

N. Langstrom and others conducted research on 7,600 twins in Sweden and found that homosexual behaviors are influenced by both hereditary and special environmental factors such as circumstances in pregnancy, illness or wounds, groups of the same age and sex experience etc.. But the variables of common environment, such as, family conditions and social attitude have only feeble influence. Weak hereditary influence on females demonstrates no statistical significance. (This reminds the writer of the fact that females have two X chromosomes and paternal X chromosomes’ function could offset significantly that of maternal X chromosomes with homosexual genes. However, if suitable conditions occur, maternal X chromosomes may function better. It shows that environment factors are more important and hereditary factors are of little statistical significance.) Males are not subject to influence of common environment. Overall, of the factors influencing twins’ selection of sexual partners, common environment (including family and social attitude) takes 0-17%, genetic factors 18-39% and special environment factors 61-66%. Individuals’ unique environment factors are circumstances during pregnancy and childbirth, physical and spiritual traumas, such as accidents, violence and illness, groups of the same age and sex experience. In males, of all factors, genetic influence takes 34-39%, common environment 0% and individual unique environment factors 61-66%. In females who conform to requirements for evaluation, hereditary factors take 18-19%, common environment 16-17% and individuals’ unique environment factors 64-66%. (6)

On the basis of the above, gay communities hold that homosexuality is an inborn nature and should be accepted as it is.

Having summarized the reports and theses on studies on homosexuality, the writer holds that the relation between homosexuality and genes is one of polygenetic expression. This relationship is complicated and requires long-term research and testimony. It may find expression under some circumstances and may also be suppressed under other unfavorable circumstances resulting in non-expression for whole lifetime. One gene’s mutation may affect other genes’ function and form polygenetic function resulting in expression of features of homosexuality finally. The viewpoint that there is no relationship between homosexuality and genes and that homosexuality comes from social influence and neural reflection after birth does not hold water as testified by the concerned researches. This viewpoint was the outcome of the time when the academia was ruled by neural reflection theory and the existence of genes was negated. No matter to what extent genes affect homosexuality, it should be commonly accepted that the influence does exist.

If it is commonly accepted that homosexuality is influenced by genes, then where does the sort of gene come from? It is not a normal one and is generally the outcome of gene mutation. The so-called normal genes are those that are responsible for reproduction and development of human beings. For instance, mutation can result in giving birth to geniuses in math, sports or music who can marry with opposite sex and reproduce offspring. Although this kind of mutation is different from normal people, it does not hinder reproduction of human beings and is beneficial to human beings’ progress. These genes are normal ones. The abnormal genes are those which cannot maintain reproduction and development of human beings and are even harmful for individuals’ existence, such as congenital idiots, extremities deformation and various congenital psychological abnormities which make them unable to get accustomed to the society. To ensure healthy development of human beings, these genes should not be allowed to be inhereted. This is why in some countries laws are enacted to forbid marriage between close relatives and severe congenial disease sufferers. This is correct and should be promoted. Now, let’s discuss the question that the “gay gene” is harmful or beneficial to human beings’ reproduction and development. Obviously, it is harmful. If 50% of human beings were homosexuals and no offspring were reproduced, human beings would disappear in thousands of years. On the other hand, homosexuality harms individuals themselves in many ways, such as infectious diseases like AIDS, shorter average ages than heterosexuals, higher suicide percentage and more vulnerable to genital system damage and diseases. Since many articles have dealt with it, no elaboration is needed here.

In general the rate of an abnormal gene’s mutation and forming syndrome is 0.0001-0.0003%. Now the rate of homosexuals in the population is 1-3%, ten thousand times more than the former one, i.e. four exponents more. Two more exponents will lead to 100% homosexuals in the population. Will the mankind have future at that? Maybe it sounds like over-exaggeration to some people. But it is a stark fact. Just imagine that if there were 1-3% idiots in the population, idiots in the 6.5 billion world population would amount to 62-180 million, as well as the same amount of patients of extremities deformation and pyschosis, so and so forth. What a world would it be? However, why hasn’t the world turned out to be like that? It is because no people and religions force the homosexuals to get married and have their offspring and their genes are naturally eliminated instead of being maintained and spread. Human beings have remained normal. In the animal world, there are also homosexuals. But they are not forced to have sex with the opposite gender to have offspring by other animals. So the homosexuals in the animal world are naturally eliminated and the animal species are staying normal.

Why is homosexuality in such a state now? It is because since human beings had the ability to tell what is right and wrong and regard homosexuality as degrading and have been suppressing homosexuality from expressing. If there is a homosexual in a family, all members of the family try to hide it in fear of being known and bringing disgrace to the family. They manage to get him or her married and have offspring to inherit the family’s name. They don’t know that in this way they actually maintain the gene and spread it. If a gay is known in a community, he will be certainly overwhelmed by discrimination and sarcasm and kind-hearted people will persuade him repeatedly to marry an opposite sex so as to live a normal life. They don’t know the gene is maintained and spread. Homosexuality is even more intolerable among religious groups and homosexuals will be educated with doctrines in Scripture. In the past thousands of years, what has been the result? Homosexuals have not been diminished in numbers and sarcastically, some homosexuals have even become religious leaders. Even though they are religious leaders who are supposed to be models in behaviors, they still retain their homosexual orientation generally. How has it happened? It is because of the gay gene in those religious leaders. Although they study religious doctrines and preach them to others, the haunting homosexual spirit keeps hovering in them and the gnawing conflict happens constantly.

They themselves can only know the utter hypocrisy and their inner torture. Up to now the religions are still following the traditional strategy to do the silly things despite their good intention. The gay gene has been continuously maintained and spread in the human beings without awareness. No wonder accumulation for thousands of years has made a few millionth multiplied to a few hundredth when chances are offered for expression.

How to prevent this kind of gene from spreading among human beings? No killing, no preaching. Killing is not only cruel and contrary to the original intention, it will make homosexuals more scared and become more camouflaged, and eventually will make the gene spread more easily. Killing and preaching have the same effect and will make the gene maintained and spread. What is the correct policy?

1. Legislation

Anyone who applies for homosexual marriage may be approved legally but he or she can only marry with the same sex and will not be allowed to marry with the opposite sex for lifetime so as to prevent the gene from spreading. That is to say that in case the homosexuals are divorced they can only marry with the same sex instead of the opposite sex. The violator will be punished heavily, such as imprisonment till losing reproduction ability or being sterilized. (Public discussion on methods of punishment may be held.) The current law forbidding homosexual marriage is wrong. It doesn’t mean we promote homosexual marriage and instead we hope the homosexual gene will not be inhereted. Only in this way can it be reduced to natural mutation level through thousands of years’ diminishment. Thousands of years’ accumulation demands thousands of years’ diminishment. Without such breadth of mind and determination it is impossible to get rid of the gene from human beings’ genes. Such a stipulation should be promoted worldwide through the United Nations and be an integral part of global civilization. May all governments and various local authorities and people all over the world be open-minded and discard prejudice and make concerted efforts for harmonious life and for the normal maintenance of human beings.

2. Education

Tell people that homosexual orientation is related to heredity. Treat homosexuals in the same way as we treat other congenital abnormal persons and they are entitled to all the social security and rights enjoyed by citizens as stipulated by the constitution. Educate the people to accept and tolerate them and to work with them harmoniously to create the nice modern life and meanwhile to retain good genes for descendants. Thus, homosexuals can have their happy life and love on the one hand; and on the other hand, more importantly, the homosexual gene can be prevented from being spread and humans’ normal genes can be maintained and passed on. Wouldn’t that be ideal?

Of course, it is necessary to educate people not to imitate and be misled.

Some people think that this sort of result sounds like “ genocide”. The writer thinks that when homosexuals apply for marriage, they do not intend to have offspring. So genocide is out of the question. This is their choice. It is the humankind who should consider the question of maintaining human race. So we must consider what is the best way to deal with homosexuality. I hold that my proposal is the best answer. I’d like to appeal to the society, people of all circles, various communities, religions and governments to join in the discussion and make decision.

Some people think that it is a loss to the humanity if the genes of some homosexuals who have made great contribution to the humanity are eliminated. For instance some homosexuals are well-known artists in history.

The writer holds that firstly, the homosexuals who have the ability to make great contribution can achieve it in their lifetime. The society tolerates them and grants them all kinds of rights in the society except reproduction. They can give full play to their talents. Those homosexuals who have made great contributions will be recorded in the history as well. History has already proved it.

Secondly, Their genes should not be maintained and it is their own choice (gay couples cannot pass on their gene). They are responsible for the outcome and the society should not be blamed.

Thirdly, if special talents are compared with human race maintenance which is more important? The answer is obvious. This is, above all, the choice on the part of homosexuals. They prefer not to retain their genes. Why does the society insist on keeping doing that?

We should not blame the homosexuals. They are victims of their genes. Their inner world may be suffering sometime. May the world tolerate and feel sympathy to them and let them live their lives as ordinary people without offspring. Will human beings be able to do like that? God bless us. Amen.

More discussion and different opinions and comments are welcome.

Herewith I would like to express my thanks to Dr. Huaan Lin, well-known as father of biochemistry information, director of Huijuan Zhao and other church friends who have supplied me with ample references and enabled me to finish the thesis soon. My thanks are also due to Dr. Hugh Ching and Prof. Qianyi Li for their discussion with me and excellent remarks for further elaboration. ( The End )

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